In the video you can hear the MSP430F5529 playing

“The 42 Melody”     sample = t*(42&t>>10)

In 2011 Ville-Matias Heikkilä (Viznut) experimented with short computer programs to create music.

“Discovering novel computer music techniques by exploring the space of short computer programs”

Some of the created “songs” aka Formulas with title and artist info can be found on There is also a great page that allows you to play with formulas

NatureTM on 43oh then wrote a program for the MSP430G2553

“Music with only a speaker, a LP, and 30 lines of code”

I took NatureTM’s code and modified it for an MSP430F5529 on  TI’s MSP-EXP430F5529 LaunchPad. Code is available on

A small piezo speaker on P1.2  is used to transform the toggling pin (high/low) signal into some “music”. Depending on the speaker used the sound ranges from bad to very bad. With a resistor, a cap and a transistor it should be possible to drive the piezo properly and improve sound quality.